Why pay for a Professional

 ‘Why do professional photographers charge so much, why pay for a professional my friends can do the same for free?’

Money doesn’t grow on trees, we all want the deal and best value. You are spending a lot of time, effort and money on your wedding, ask yourselves this question.

What will we have at the end of it all?

The answer is simple:

‘Memories’ – if you only saw some of the photographs taken by family and friends we see you would never entertain the idea of not engaging a professional, we deliver where others will fail.

Modern cameras are amazing, they are so clever, they can do it all, cant they?

No they can’t. We invest heavily into our cameras and lenses, our camera bodies are approx £4500 each or more, we have several lenses costing up to £6500 each, we have way over £40,000 tied up in camera equipment alone. If I thought I could get the same results with a camera costing a couple of hundred pounds I could have another £30,000+ in the bank.

The harsh reality

Cameras are tools to do a job, automatic modes don’t work for us, even with the newest cameras we still shoot in manual, why? Automatic modes get it wrong many more times than it ever gets it right and we can’t allow that to happen.

So why do photographers charge so much?

We have already touched on this, the cost of cameras and lenses.

Besides camera equipment take a look at the following expenses we occur and have to pay for:-

Council tax, electricity, heating, telephone, computers (x6), printers, paper, brochures, flyers, business cards, website design, internet advertising, wedding fairs, tax, insurance, fuel for our vehicles, website hosting and maintenance is almost £300 a month, the list goes on and on.

We have over £7000 tied up in display products and this is continuously being added to.

For every wedding we answer emails, telephone calls, meet couples before, during and after the big day. We are often working 12hrs+ on the day of a wedding, it takes 6hrs to get your photographs ready for you to view. We meet couples after the wedding for them to choose their albums, some albums can take as long as 24hrs to design and complete.

This is the tip of the iceberg so now ask yourself the question

‘Is what we charge really expensive for what we do’?

Only you can answer that question.