Wedding Photography Craig Y Nos Castle

Craig Y Nos Castle Wedding Photography

Craig Y Nos Wedding Photographer

Premiere photography have photographed many weddings at Craig Y Nos Castle,

Premiere photography photograph weddings for as little as £245.

Set in the heart of the Brecon Beacons, Craig-y-Nos Castle is the perfect location for your romantic and historic wedding in Wales. With the wonderful Welsh countryside it really is a special place to hold your special day. In 1878 the castle and its setting captivated the leading opera star of the day, who felt she had found the home of her dreams amid the calm isolation of this beautiful valley. The castle’s name alone strikes a romantic note and in rough translation means ‘Rock of the Night’.

Craig Y Nos Castle, can accomodate wedding ceremonies and receptions. The castle houses a grade one listed opera house theatre as well as newly refurbished Conservatory, making Craig-y-Nos the perfect setting for taking your marriage vows.

Here are some of the photographs we have taken at this beautiful wedding venue by simply clicking on this link:  Galleries – Craig Y Nos,

Address: Craig Y Nos Castle, Brecon Rd, Pen-y-cae, Swansea SA9 1GL

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