Website FAQ 

How do I view my gallery?

A – When we have uploaded your gallery we will advise you where you can find your gallery and how to access it. We will issue you with a password which must be entered exactly as we provide it.

Can I allow other’s to view my gallery?

A- Yes you can all you need to do is forward our original email with the password and anyone can access the gallery using the same password but they MUST use their own email address. Shared emails are not allowed and will result in the gallery being closed and a minimum upload fee of £50 will be charged just to put the gallery back online  – this is a security measure to protect our site and your data.

Removal of access to your gallery.

A- If you decide that you do not want someone who has previously been given access to your gallery please advise us and we will change the password. You would need to advise everyone who you want to still view your gallery of the password change.

How do we buy photographs online?

A- Simply go to your gallery, click on the thumbnail of the picture you want to buy, click on add to cart (the buy function), choose the size, quantity and finish i.e. lustre or gloss and checkout making the payment using pay pal.

What if I havent got a Pay Pal account?

A- Simply make a note of the photo number (top left) send us an email with the photo number, the size, quantity and finish i.e. lustre or gloss you can pay by bank transfer. Please be aware that additional charges may apply.

Can you do a specific enhancement or a change to a photograph?

A- This depends on what is required the rule is simple if me make a change to a photograph and its obvious a change has been made its should never be done in the first place. Send us an email explaining what you want, if its a quick fix there is no charge but if extensive editing is required an additional charge may be applied.

Cookies Policy

A – By accessing this website you hereby agree to accept cookies as our policy in accordance with ourT&C

Data Storage

A- Data storage both on hard drives and ‘on the cloud’ is hugely expensive. Please read this link for more info on this subject